Beware of your personal environment in public places. If you sit next to the exit from a café, you are «caught and caught» by armed robberies. The open display of a mobile device or laptop on public transport (especially through the doors) makes you a target for theft and risks your personal safety. Consider sitting away from the entrance. Registering with the supervisor (team leader or senior manager) to discuss the state of work and outstanding issues; Add all remote support calls or sessions to your calendar to communicate your work schedule. Harvesting is a recommended tool to track where and how working time is spent. HR will discuss insurance needs with employees. Employees may be required to take out proprietary insurance to cover the company`s equipment costs. The HR may, if necessary, reimburse part of the coverage. In signing this agreement, I acknowledge that I have received the work equipment described above and that I respect the terms of use of these devices. 3. The employee`s obligations, obligations, responsibilities and terms of employment with your company remain unchanged unless the obligations and responsibilities expressly mentioned in this Agreement remain unchanged. Responsibilities, performance standards and performance evaluations remain the same as for main job work (e.g.B.

In the company office). The supervisor (team leader or senior manager) reserves the right to work on each site. 4. The parties recognize that this agreement can be constantly evaluated to ensure that the quality of the work, efficiency and productivity of the worker are not affected by the telemutation agreement described above. Telework is a privilege, a right or an organizational advantage; the entity reserves the right to terminate the contract and revoke that privilege at its sole discretion. It is always best to use a corporate device whenever possible. Your IT team pushes updates, blocks malicious websites and programs, and takes other precautions on enterprise equipment that may be transparent to you. Chances are you didn`t follow the same protocols with your PC that is mandatory at work. The methodology is simple: if you are faced with a big task or a series of tasks, you break the work at short and temporal intervals (called «Pomodoros»), which are spread out by short pauses.