F-11: If individual rail agreements provide that crews are paid for time spent at their a-home terminal, is this payment considered an arbitrary and/or special allocation at full rates? A-7: Yes, provided that road trains and disabled trains bound by the Hour Act could be carried out by construction crews from another senior district within the general limits that existed for the terminal concerned just before the 1978 national agreements. (i) – To determine the qualifications in this section 1, only benefits can be combined, except that the service provided by a worker on his main road may be combined with unserviced service on other roads if this service is provided in the direction of the main road or because of the worker`s seniority on his main road. Such a service will not work to free the main road from its responsibilities under this agreement. A-29: The shipyard crew is entitled to payment under the national rule for time spent outside the switching terminals. Penalties for performances outside the rule are an issue that must be determined by the parties on the ground. Section 1 (a) – Effective January 1, 1997, each worker, subject to the extent of appointments, the 1949 holiday contract by the organizations that signed on April 29, 1949, is qualified for an annual leave of one week with payment or payment in their place if, in the previous calendar year, the worker`s benefit under scheduling agreements is provided by the organizations that paid the holiday contract on April 29, 1949 to the tune of two hundred and forty (240) basic days per hour, as stipulated in the individual schedules. The following document for the comfort of the parties, the national holiday agreement of 29 April 1949 between certain air carriers represented by the National Committee of the Conference of Transporters and their collaborators, by the Brotherhood of Locomotive Drivers and the Union of Carriers (formerly the Brotherhood of Locomotive Drivers and Locomotive Drivers, Order of Railway Conductors and Brakemen, Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen and Switchmen`s Union of North America) and the various amendments made in various national agreements up to Arbitration No. 559 of May 8, 1996 and the Core Ble National Agreement of 1996. Section 14 – Parties that have conditions that exist or may be imposed on individual carriers when they establish provisions for leave with pay agree that the duly empowered staff representative (The General President) who is biased 18/ and the official appointed by the carrier may make additional written arrangements for the implementation of the objectives of this Agreement, provided these provisions are not inconsistent with this agreement.